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I just sent a message to Customs in Korea. In case you are curious, here it is:

My name is Michael Reid.
저는 Michael Reid라고 합니다.

I’m planning a kayak expedition (a small boat with no motor) to Busan, South Korea from Tsunoshima, Japan in July of 2014. 저는 2014년 6월에 일본 야마구치현 쯔노시마(角島)에서 부산까지 카약(엔진 없는 작은 배) 여행을 하려고 계획중입니다.

Could you please tell me what I need to do before coming to Korea? 그래서 말입니다만 그런 식으로 한국으로 건너가려면 어떻게 해야 될지 알려주시겠습니까?

Do I need to fill out any special paperwork before coming? 뭔가 미리 특별한 서류수속이 필요하겠습니까?

A map of our journey is attached to this email. 여행경로 지도는 이 메일에 첨부했습니다. 잘 부탁드리겠습니다.

Michael Reid 올림

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Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 5.58.43 PM

Well…Yes, I have a chronic case of Lens Fog and it needed to be dealt with. I did some shopping on and got some Anti-Fog inserts and a Floaty back door to boot. These inserts can be used again and again by throwing them in the microwave for all of your anti-fogging pleasure. Here is a YouTube video by Rhaotu200 on that topic I’m looking forward to some good video this Thursday. Here is the booty:


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February 21st Trip Map

Today was a 18.4 mile trip around Kasado Island in Shunan. It started with a headwind, which means the wind would be at my back when returning, but of course that is not how fate works. As I rounded the corner of the lower part of the island on the final leg of the journey, thinking how easy and pleasant this will be, the reality of the situation spits salt water across my face as my boat dips into the crest of a small wave breaking over the bow of my kayak. Well here goes 2 more hours paddling against a headwind, again. Here is my training log